Business Opportunity

 Mobile Apps

The Market:

More than 4.6 billion cell phones are being used worldwide, enough for two-thirds of the people on Earth. This is a global market and it’s growing at an unprecedented pace. The app industry exists entirely on the Internet with no physical presence necessary, making it easy to do business from anywhere in the world.

This is the new Internet, transforming the way we transmit and assimilate information, opening doors to a new way of making money. It is the fastest growing industry in history and shows no signs of slowing down. The mobile industry is in its early stages, as the Internet was in 1997. Timing is everything.

According to the technology research firm Gartner, Inc., total worldwide mobile app revenue is expected to explode to $58 billion by 2014. With more than 600,000 apps in the Apple app store and thousands more in the Android store this industry is going to keep growing. There’s no limit to the number of new apps that could be created in the future.

The Plan:

The plan is to identify 20 niche markets, that have an existing base of enthusiast consumers, and to use sophisticated app building software to create 20 mobile apps that precisely match the markets that those consumers have shown an interest in.  

Instead of trying to dominate any one market
will dedicate time and resources to earning small sums of money from many mobile apps. The plan is to earn an average of $1000.00 US per month from each of the 20 new mobile apps created.

By owning 20 mobile apps, that return approximately $1000.00 per month (each),
can expect to earn about $20,000.00 US per month.

The Revenue Streams:

      Each mobile app that is created has several          potential revenue streams.

  1. Paid Apps: When people download a paid app they pay from $0.99 to $2.99 to own it. Some apps in the Apple app store have over 50,000 downloads per month so the potential is huge.

  2. Free Apps: These are apps that people can download for free. The way to earn money with free apps is to offer upsells (from within the app) to pro versions of the same app or to other apps in the network. Another way to earn money with free apps is to run banner ads inside the app and earn commissions each time the banners are clicked. 

The Investment: is currently looking for an investor to provide the required seed money of $5,000.00 US dollars to put the above mentioned plan in action. The money will be used to purchase sophisticated app building software and to pay for programming and graphics fees.  

To pay with Bitcoin send 17.20 bitcoins ($5,000.00 US) to the wallet shown below…


Return On Investment:

The investor will receive 20% of the net profits that are generated by the 20 new mobile apps that are built. 

This is a royalty agreement only and the investor will not be a co-owner of the apps but will be entitled to receive a twenty percent (20%) royalty based on the net profits that the newly created mobile apps earn. 

The net income is the profits that remain after the programming and graphics fees have been paid for each app.
The investor will receive a monthy report which shows all of the mobile apps that have been built to date and the net profits that the apps have generated. All royalities due to the investor will be paid monthy.

Note: If successfully reaches the goal of $20,000.00 US per month the investor will receive $4,000.00 per month in royalty payments.

Disclaimer: This is a business plan only and all the numbers and estimates shown herein are hoped for results and targets to aim for only - they are in no way representive of the earnings that will be accomplished once the plan is activated. Actual results will vary depending on the content of the apps that are created, the way those apps are advertised, general market conditions at time of launch, and consumers acceptance of the apps.

Time Frame:
plans to create two new mobile apps per month for ten months. 

Who is is a domain name is that is owned by Jerry Martin - an experienced Internet marketer that currently lives on Boracay Island, Philippines. Jerry has been working with websites since 1998. The domain name will be used as the central identity that controls the 20 mobile apps mentioned above.

Inquiries about this investment should be sent to Jerry Martin his email address is

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